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If you visit the Museum, which we strongly advise you to do, you will be guided through its halls by those who took part in the battles of Kakhovka in 1920: V. J. Ushatsky and I. I. Novikov; colonel V. V. Lebedev who participated in the liberation of the Kherson Region in 1943—1944, and others. They will also take you around the town and show you the wonderful embankment with a monument to M. V. Frunze, the commander-in-chief of the Southern Front. You will be shown the house where the headquarters of the famous general were situated. In the same house were also the headquarters of the 51st Division. A bust monument to the Marshal of the Soviet Union V. K. Bliicher erected in the jubilee year of Soviet Power is at the central motion-picture theatre in Karl Marx Street. This monument is by G. N. Kalchenko, an Honoured Art Worker. One of the town streets is named after the hero.

In the park you will see the common grave of the Lettish fighters fallen in the battles of Kakhovka, and to the southeast not far from the town you will behold a mound where the command post of V. K. Bliicher was situated. A hundred metres from it, on an artificial six-metre bank, a unique bronze monument has been erected by the Leningrad sculptors J. N. Lokhovinin, L. A. Rodionov, L. I. Mikhailenko, architect E. M. Poltoratsky and engineer Panfilov. This is a double-size machine-gun cart (tachanka) with a team of four It is impossible for us to see everything worth seeing at Kakhovka, because we have a long way to go yet, and this time not by water but over the steppes.

is 3 pity to leave the Picturesque banks of the Dnieper, the heroic town of Kakhovka, and wonderful views of the Kakhovka storage sea, but before us lie the boundless Tauria Steppes with their peculiar charm and attractiveness, and one of the most interesting and picturesque places of our country — Askania-Nova.